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The Research Topic “Trace elements’ behavior and regulation in the plant-soil system for sustainable agricultural production”, co-edited by Martina Vítková, is currently collecting contributions from scientists working with trace elements’ biogeochemistry in crop plant-soil system. The main emphasis is put on the translation of basic knowledge into innovative practice (from lab to field study). We welcome original research, reviews, or perspective papers. We encourage submissions focused on the following themes, including (but not limited to):

  • Characterizing chemical forms and bioavailability of trace elements in agricultural soils by using various methodologies including advanced spectroscopic methods;
  • Uptake, translocation, and transformation of trace elements in crop plant-soil-microbe system, linking with food nutrition and contaminants which relates to nutrition and sustainable diets;
  • Innovative methods/techniques to regulate trace elements’ behavior in the plant-soil system including the improvement of essential nutrients content in the soil and the development of crop tolerance to risk metal contamination stress;
  • Perspectives and field studies addressing the translation of the current knowledge into field practice for sustainable crop production and improved agroecosystem construction.

Manuscripts can be submitted via the following journals: Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems (Crop Biology and Sustainability section; Nutrition and Sustainable Diets section), Frontiers in Environmental Science (Soil Processes section) and Frontiers in Nutrition (Nutrition and Sustainable Diets section).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 20 July 2020

For more information, please visit the website of this Research Topic.

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