Optional Specialization Ecology/Hydrology

Having a good knowledge of GIS and RS is great for your future prospects, it is however even better to complement it with the knowledge of the fields in which you can apply the acquired skills. Our study programme allows you to acquire this knowledge, you can even choose your main profile. In the first year, you will receive the basic information in the courses Hydrology and Fundamentals of Ecology. Depending on your preference, you can subsequently choose from the range of courses for the second and third years. The main set of courses, so-called Type A, includes four courses, two of which are focused on ecology and remaining two on hydrology and water management. You have to opt for at least any two of these, however it is recommended that the two form a logical combination towards the final graduation exams. Of course, if you would like to know more about both fields, you can choose all four of these. If you however prefer to be more narrowly specialized and receive a more in-depth knowledge of environmental management and protection, you will only select two of these and you will have more time and credits for the so-called Type B (optional) courses.  All the optional courses are also available for students from other specializations at the Faculty of Life Sciences so it is not likely that a course would not be opened due to lack of interested students and you can indeed choose the courses individually.

Type A courses for graduation exam in Ecology and Environmental Protection: Habitat Ecology, Nature Conservation.

Type A courses for graduation exam in Hydrology and Water Management: Water Management, Climate Change and Water Resources.


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