Remote Sensing

Over the course of lectures from the field of remote sensing, you will find out about our planet and landscape from data acquired using satellites, aircraft or aerial unmanned systems (drones).

There is a whole universe of possible applications of data acquired through satellites. To name but a few, it is possible to map for example the dynamics of snow cover, glacier retreat, deforestation, tree pest infestation, seasonal changes in vegetation cover, withering of agricultural crops, overgrowing of reservoirs, temperature conditions in and outside cities, plant diversity, suitability of habitat for animal species. To obtain this information, image processing methods such as contrast adjustment, spectral band ratios, multispectral classification, etc., are used. You will learn how to do that in Remote Sensing I and II, which will provide you, besides theoretical background, also with practical experience with evaluation of satellite imaging for landscape research.

Satellite images provide necessary and irreplaceable data on the landscape, they however also have their limits. We may for example need much more detailed data (with better resolution) for a detailed analysis of smaller areas or we may have a need of data with frequent repetition. Such data can be nowadays acquired using unmanned systems. How to use these is the subject of the course Unmanned Systems in the Environmental Science, which will build on the knowledge acquired in courses Remote Sensing I and II and add additional techniques of image processing to your portfolio along with showing you other possibilities of the practical utilization of thus acquired imagery. Legislature of the operation of small unmanned vehicles forms an important part of the course and the knowledge can help you in the future to acquire your pilot license. Besides the work in the lecture room, you will also take part in field trips where you will be lectured in the practical aspects of data acquisition using all our aerial vehicles and sensors.

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