Team News

Czech-Israeli cooperation in the media

A multidisciplinary team of prof. Hejcman collaborates on excavations of biblical cities in Israel

HAS team visited colleagues from Ariel University, Israel

Cooperation between FES and Ariel University intensifies


FES's exploration of the extinct settlement broadcasted

Phytoindication helps find medieval villages

FES's project boosted by Agence France Press

Ladislav Šmejda's DeepDead project under international attention

Cooperation with Kyrgyz National Agriculture University has started

Joint research on mountain ecosystem, livestock grazing and crop production


Prof. Michal Hejcman gave a lecture in Iceland

"How is connected botany, archaeology and agriculture"

Český rozhlas Plus interviewed prof. Michal Hejcman

Brief insight into the archaeological agriculture

Survey of a Minoan archaeological landscape on Messara plain, Crete

In August, Ladislav Šmejda cooperated on a research project in southern Crete

A discovery of a prehistoric bronze smelting area on Tel Burna, Israel

Michal Hejcman and Ladislav Šmejda recently participated on an archaeological excavation of Tel Burna

Data collection on the Rengen Grassland Experiment (Germany)

During 20/06 and 21/06/ 2015 Vilém Pavlů, Renata Hujerová and Lenka Pavlů visited one of the oldest grassland fertilization experiments in Germany

A successful expedition to Israel

The work of two members of the team has been reported in several articles on the web of the Biblical Archaeology

Archaeological excavations of Tel Burna

Two members of the research team (Michal Hejcman and Ladislav Smejda) are working in the international archaeological research team in Izrael

The botany research group from Görlitz visited our experiments in the Jizerské hory Mts

The botany research group from Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz visited long-term grassland management experiments

The oldest long-term experiments in Austria-data collection

Our team visited the oldest grassland fertilization experiments in Austria (Admont)

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