Master’s degree programmes


Results of admission procedure of Master programmes are attached below (3rd round)


According to conditions and terms for selection procedure in the Dean’s Regulation no. 08/2017 and no. 01/2018 the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences has settled additional admission procedure until 31. 5. 2018 for following programmes:

Master programmes and Entrance examination:

Study programmes - full time study Entrance examination
Nature Conservation Evaluation of academic results obtained in the bachelor’s programme, evaluation of the compatibility of the programmes, theme-oriented interview
Landscape Planning Evaluation of academic results obtained in the bachelor’s programme, evaluation of the compatibility of the programmes, theme-oriented interview


The applicants are admitted for study until full capacity of the each programme.

Further conditions and terms for admission procedure are specified in the Dean’s Regulation no. 08/2017 for master programmes taught in English programmes. The applicants who are selected for second phase will be contacted via e-mail with further information about the interview.

You can find the e-application here.

Interviews for master programmes taught in English language: from 4. 6. until 8. 6. 2018




Procedure for Application and Admission to FES


The following steps will guide you for how to apply to one of the four (4) Masters of Science programs offered in English in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences for the coming academic year 2018/2019.

 Please note that the general condition for admission to study in master´s degree programme is a successfully awarded bachelor´s degree or its equivalent.  The Faculty of Environmental Sciences (FES), in accordance with § 49 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Educational Institutions, prescribes the following conditions and criteria that you must follow as part of your application to study with us.  Each step is explained to guide you in the application process to study at CULS/FES.  Please note that we are limited in the number of applicants who can be accepted to study with us in Prague.  


  1. Note that the Faculty of Environmental Sciences at the Czech University of Life Sciences accepts applications submitted online only.  E-application form is available here.

  2. The first-round early application period begins in October 11, 2017; the deadline for submission of an early round of e-application is February 11, 2018.  It is recommended that applicants who do not have citizenship in the European Union (EU) take advantage of this early application period to ensure ample time for processing of Visa applications by the Czech Consulate in your home country so that you can arrive in Prague by the middle of September.

  3. A second-round application period begins on February 19, 2018, deadline for submission of e-application in the second round is March 31, 2018.  (Second round is recommended for applicants with no Visa obligation for the Czech Republic).

  4. Payment of the application fee in amount of 500 CZK must be verified.  Applicants can pay this fee online by card via payment portal where you will be redirected from the e-application page; or your application funds can be paid by bank transfer to the bank account with following details:


Application fee: 500 CZK
Bank: Česká spořitelna, a. s.
Bank account: 500022222/0800
IBAN CZ38 0800 0000 0005 0002 2222
Variable symbol: 4275000118
Specific symbol: number of your application

Address of Study Administration Office of FES:
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Faculty of Environmental Sciences
Study Administration Office
Kamýcká 129
165 21 Prague 6 – Suchdol

Czech Republic


If not paid online by card, you must submit a scanned copy of the receipt or transfer order of funds.  The Application Fee is not refundable.  The deadline for payment is a last day of application period.

NOTE: This fee can also be paid in cash on campus.

  1. Sufficient knowledge of English language is required. Only applicants who are able to communicate in English in written and verbal form on a satisfactory level to be successful in graduate school may be accepted to study.  No language certificate is required; however, language skills are verified individually during an interview.

  2. Applicants will be reviewed based upon:

  • An evaluation of study results from bachelor´s degree or its equivalent based on transcript of records (diploma supplement).
  • An evaluation of the suitability of their bachelor´s degree or its equivalent for the selected study programme to which you are applying in order to verify the appropriate “fitr” of the profile and background of the applicant to the intended program at FES.


First phase of the application and admission procedure:


Once an applicant has successfully filled out an on-line application, they must then send to CULS/FES an electronic scanned copy of the following materials in English or Czech language:


  1. CV or resume
  2. Diploma / Certificate
  3. Transcript of Academic Records (Diploma Supplement) that details all of the classes taken and grades received in your first or most recent successfully completed degree. Please include a table that explains the grading formula (A = 95 – 100%; A = 4.0, etc).  If you are in the final year of study in your first degree, submit the most complete record as possible and include information on when you will be graduating.
  4. Letter of motivation that articulates why you wish to study with us in your selected program and how this opportunity will contribute toward your life-long-learning expectations.
  5. Two letters of reference from an employer or professor. These letters of reference must be recently prepared.


Please do not include copies of your high school degree or other short-term study programs that you may have taken.  We are only interested in reviewing your bacheloro’s degree or most recently completed post-secondary degree program.  Failure to submit the all of the above listed items will render your application incomplete and it will not be reviewed.  Please submit all required documents to


Points will be awarded for the relationship of your graduated degree to Study Program at FES to which you are applying.  The table below lists the four different Masters Degree Study Programs offered by FES and the Specified Programs or their similar equivalents for which you should have a prior degree.


Study programme Specified programmes
Environmental Geosciences Geology, Earth Sciences, Geochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Sciences
Nature Conservation Ecology, Biology, Environmental Sciences, Zoology, Botany, Conservation Biology, Landscape Ecology, Natural Sciences

Landscape Planning

Landscape Architecture, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Civil Engineering, Spatial Planning, Architecture, Environmental Design, Landscape Ecology, Natural Sciences, Garden Architecture

Environmental Modelling

Natural Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Engineering Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Civil Engineering, Informatics and Programming, Mathematics, Physics, Water Resources and Water Management, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Education with Focus on Natural Sciences


  • Each applicant will be awarded 0-20 points for the relationship of their graduated degree to that of the Study Program to which they have applied. Graduates of degrees specified in the table above will be awarded maximum of points; graduates of degrees similar to those specified in the table will be awarded points based on level of similarity and studied courses.

    If 0 points are awarded, the Admission Committee will organize knowledge test.  An applicant can receive 0-20 points based on number of correct answers.  Points awarded for knowledge test replace points for relationship of graduated degree in total sum of points from the first phase.


  • Each applicant will be awarded 0-10 points based upon their study results, which are evaluated from data available in applicant’s transcript of records (applicant is awarded 0-10 points for study results)

 As part of the First Phase of the Application process, FES will prepare a list of applicants in descending order of based on total number of points awarded in the first phase (0-10 for prior grades and 0-20 similarity of prior degree to that of the FES degree program which you are applying).  The results of this summary list will determine which applicants will be proceeded to the second phase of admission procedure.  Applicants with low number of points that we require to proceed will not continue in admission procedure and can not be admitted to study. 



Second phase of the Application and Admission procedure


Information schedule of the second phase of admission procedure will be announced to applicants by email within three labor days after last day of application period.  (Due to high number of submitted applications we do apologize for extending this period to 5 labor days. Thank you for your understanding.)


Applicants who will proceed to the second phase of admission procedure will have to successfully pass an interview in English language, which can be conducted via Skype or in person; each applicant is awarded 0-20 points during this interview.  The Interview is focused on evaluation of language skills, understanding of the chosen field, and basic knowledge about Czech Republic and content of study at CULS Prague.


A necessary requirement for evaluation of the language skills is a motivational letter written in English language for which 0-10 points is awarded.


Total sum of points (0-30) acquired by each applicant from the second phase of admission procedure is a basis for a list of applicants created in a descending order.  All applicants with the same sum of points which is last to be admitted will be admitted.  Minimum and maximum number of admitted applicants is specified in the table below:


Study programme Minimum number of admitted in ac. year 2018/2019 Maximum number of admitted in ac. year 2018/2019
Environmental Geosciences 10 20
Nature Conservation 10 30
Landscape Planning 10 30
Environmental Modelling 10 20


Applicants admitted to study in the second phase will be asked to submit a hardcopy of their bachelor´s degree or its equivalent in English or Czech language, specifically:

  • Diploma (Certificate)
  • Transcript of Records (Diploma Supplement)

Letter of Acceptance will be sent to admitted applicants to contact address specified in e-application after verification of their university degree.

Applicants who are not holders of a bachelor´s degree or its equivalent awarded by Czech university are required to authenticate their diploma/certificate and transcript of records. In order to authenticate these documents, they may need to legalize them.


Legalization of documents

Where an officially authenticated copy or official translation of a document is required, the authentication requirements will differ according to the international treaties applying to the country where the original document was issued. International Relations Office of FES offers consultations with legalization procedure. Please feel free to contact us and we will guide you (


Fee for study undertaken in English language (Tuition fee)


Annual fee for Nature Conservation, Landscape Planning and Environmental Modelling program for academic year 2018/2019 is 5000 CZK (approximately 200 EUR).


Annual fee for Environmental Geosciences program is 10 000 CZK (approximately 400 EUR).  Education at FES is a state sponsored.  


Applicants admitted to study at FES will be required to pay this fee until official admission to study.


NOTE: This fee can also be paid prior the enrolment to study in cash on campus.


Submission of required documents in both phases of admission procedure

Please submit required documents by email, preferably in PDF file format, to email address: 


NOTE: Documents sent to any other email address will not be considered as delivered.


Files for download