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Admission procedure

The applicants are assessed through the General Prerequisites Test (GAP). The GAP test is an obligatory part of the admission procedure, ensuring objective evaluation of applicants’ skills. The applicants will take the online test on 1 May 2024. Applicants are required to register for the GAP test through the external company Scio here.  


The GAP test is subjected to the SCIO pricelist (charged after the GAP registration by Scio). The deadline for GAP test registration is 15 April 2024. Later registration is not possible. 

It is necessary to go through the Mandatory Equipment Check no later than three days before the exam. Otherwise, you will not be able to take your GAP test! The instructions about the Mandatory Equipment Check will be provided by Scio. 


You can see the GAP test rules and instructions on how to fill out the GAP application here. 


If you have problems with registration, payment or other questions, contact SCIO support at  


Applicants who have already passed the GAP test earlier can provide their results instead of taking a new test (in this case get in touch with Hana Honsová -  


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