1. Do I need an English language certificate (e.g. IELTS)?
    You do not need to submit your English language proficiency to Admissions. Detailed instruction for admissions can be found here.
  2. I need a scholarship. What kind of scholarships do you offer?
    You may find funding possibilities on our website. Click here.
  3. Is there an intake (enrollment in study) in the Summer (Spring) semester?
    There is no separate Summer (Spring) intake/registration for studies. The Admissions are open each year until January (another round may be announced to fill up the programme capacity). The academic year starts in September, and you can be (generally) enrolled/registered until the end of October.
  4. Does the Faculty of Environmental Sciences provide any language courses?
    At the moment, no. After your enrollment, you may request an additional language course from the Faculty of Economics and Management. However, it can overlap with your timetable.
  5. Does the university provide accommodation?
    Each applicant has to arrange accommodation by himself/herself. You can apply for CZU or external CZU Halls of Residence (dormitory).
  6. Am I eligible for the programme I am applying for?
    Each programme has a website. There, you can see if your study background is suitable for the programme.
  7. Is it possible to defer admission to the next academic year?
    An admission deferment is NOT possible.
  8. What are the living costs in the Czech Republic?
    If you want to know more, check out the following link.
  9. Is there a different tuition fee for international students?
    The tuition fee is the same for all students (EU as well as Non-EU). Our tuition fee can be found here.
  10. Is there any age limit for applying to study?
    There is no age limit.
  11. How many students can be accepted into each programme?
    Please take a look at admissions where it is described in detail.
  12. Where can I find study plans?
    Each programme has study plans available at the bottom of their appropriate web page.


  1. What is the next step after submitting and paying my e-application?
    First, check if you have submitted your e-application (press the button, “Submit the e-application”) and uploaded all required documents. Your information will be checked after the deadline has expired. You will then receive an information e-mail regarding the next steps.
  2. Can I send the documents via e-mail?
    You can only upload the documents into your e-application.
    If there is a problem, double-check if you have compatible documents (.pdf is the best format) and that you have not missed the deadline for applications.
    Otherwise, contact (or the CZU Helpdesk)
  3. I am a college/university (BSc./MSc.) graduate, and I am applying for a bachelor’s degree programme. What certificate should I upload?
    If you are applying for a bachelor’s degree programme, you should upload your High School certificate. All applicants should upload their High School certificate. It does not matter if you are a college/university graduate. We will accept High School certificates or diplomas, which would allow you to pursue a bachelor’s degree in your home country.
  4. I have not graduated yet or have not finished High School (I will be graduating in the summer). What should I upload instead of a certificate?
    If you have not completed high school/university yet, submit a declaration/confirmation from your school/university (no special requirement for the declaration/confirmation). See our detailed admission instructions.
  5. Do I have to authenticate my documents for Admissions?
    You do not need to submit authenticated nor notarized documents in the first phase of Admissions (however, it is required later for study enrollment). A soft scanned copy is sufficient.
  6. When do I pay the tuition fee?
    You will be requested to pay the tuition fee when you are officially informed about your acceptance.
  7. When do I pay the e-application fee?
    We recommend to do it as soon as you submit your e-application to avoid any misunderstanding in the submission. If you are applying last minute, pay with your debit card immediately
  8. Can I pay my e-application by debit or credit card? Can I pay in EUR?
    Yes, and yes.
  9. How is the interview conducted?
    The interview is always conducted online. In rare cases, we offer a face to face meeting. The interview is in English. You will be asked questions related to your desired field of study.
  10. I need help regarding the e-application and admissions. Is it better to call or e-mail the admissions office?
    Always reach out via We do our best to answer within three days, in rare cases, within a week (especially before the application deadline). We do not answer e-mails during weekends and public holidays.
    We refrain from answering subject-less e-mails or emails with no text body.
  11. What is the recognition of foreign diplomas?
    Czech law on higher education sets requirements and conditions for admissions to tertiary education. It specifies the procedure for foreign education recognition, which can be defined as the recognition of diplomas, qualifications, or parts of study programs of a (domestic or foreign) educational institution by another educational institution. Such recognition is usually considered as the basis for acceptance for further study at the second institution.
  12. Do I need recognition of foreign diplomas for the admission procedure?
    As an applicant to FZP, you do not have to apply for recognition of your previous education. Study applicants selected by the admission committee for study at FZP will need to apply for an internal evaluation of foreign education (an alternative and simplified form of recognition of foreign education) and will be informed via email about the process.
  13. What is the Test of General Academic Prerequisites (GAP test)?
    The GAP test is an important part of the National Comparative Exams. It does not examine the applicant´s level of knowledge, but rather the ability and skill that determine whether a person can successfully study at university (work with text, work with information, logical consideration, work with quantities, etc. For more information click here. 
  14. How is the GAP test conducted?

    The GAP test will be available online. You will use your own PC/Mac. It will include AT proctoring and/or remote supervision ensuring transparency and comparability.

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