Data-driven methods for catchment classification in Earth, Mars and Titan

Earth, Mars and Titan are the only planetary bodies of our solar system that maintain, or maintained at some point of their past, actively flowing rivers. The liquid flows generated by atmospheric precipitation eroded the topography of these planetary bodies, generating manifold landscapes. A principal element of this interplay between atmosphere, hydro(carbon)sphere and lithosphere is imprinted in drainage basins. Here, we will investigate how the information gained through the drainage basin geomorphology is linked to the prevailing climatic conditions. Understanding how atmospheric and hydrologic processes are connected to geologic features, will give us insight for periods or places that climatic data are not available.

Black, B. A., Perron, J. T., Hemingway, D., Bailey, E., Nimmo, F., & Zebker, H. (2017). Global drainage patterns and the origins of topographic relief on Earth, Mars, and Titan. Science, 356(6339), 727-731.

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