Study-related fees

Study-related fees for bachelor's and master's degree programmes taught in English


Tuition fees for study programmes taught in foreign language apply to each commenced year of study. Fees are generally paid by bank transfer or in cash at the cash desk of Czech University of Life Sciences (CZU).

  • Tuition fee is payable before enrollment in study (for admitted students) or before enrollment in next years of study (after 1st year of study)
  • Tuition fee is understood as paid on the day when credited to the bank account of CZU or when paid at the cash desk of CZU
  • Fees are not refundable after enrollment
  • To obtain the payment details you need to confirm your intention to study (only available after acceptance by the pre-arrival coordinator)



Study programme Fee for the academic year 2022/2023
Environmental Engineering (BEE) CZK 10,000
Environmental Data Science (BEDS) CZK 10,000
Environmental Geosciences  (EGS) CZK 20,000
Environmental Modelling (ENVA) CZK 16,500
Landscape Planning (LPA)  CZK 16,500
Nature Conservation (NCO) CZK 16,500



  • The tuition fee is considered paid once the total CZK amount is the same (see the table above) or little bit higher. Lower amount in CZK won't be considered as successfully paid. For international bank transfer the currency rate and transfer fees must be considered.

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