PROJECT: Fusion on LiDAR and UAV data to assess physiographic diversity of post-mining sites

Project title: Fusion on LiDAr and UAV borne multispectral data to asssess physiographic diversity of post-mining sites 
Programme: Grant Agency of the Czech republic - Junior programme
Project coordinator: FES
Project leader: Vitezslav Moudry
Project schedule: 2017-2019
Total project budget: 3 293 000 CZK

The land affected by mining is a global issue and occupies about 1% of the global land. For effective management of the landscape data at high spatial and thematic resolution are necessary. Laser altimetry, commonly referred to as LiDAR, and multispectral scanning by unmanned aerial vehicles are remote sensing technologies that have enable measurement of ecosystems 3D structure with high accuracy. In the proposed project, we will sca the study area using both technologies. First, we will classify land cover and calculate vertical and horizontal structure and terrain structural variables (e.g. canopy height, terrain roughness). Second, the effects of structural variables on dragonflies, frogs and bird diversity and distribution will be investigated.

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