NETWORKING: Kick-off meeting of our Visegrad networking project

The first meeting of the newly formed group took place at the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Agriculture in Krakow. The first day during the whole morning participants introduces their home institutions and their research topics. After lunch, we visit the Laboratory of Geomatics and then colleagues potential and usage possibilities of recent and upcoming remote sensing platforms. The second day we start with the excursion of local museum of soil (Muzeum Gleb) and continue with the introduction of possibilities of international research funding. The final remarks introduce the objectives of the group and set the date of follow-up meeting in Prague.

Totally 16 participants attended the meeting, 2 from Hungary, 4 from Slovakia, 4 from Poland, and 6 from the Czech Republic.

Thanks to all attendees, Laboratorium Geomatyki for perfect hosting and Ewa Błońska for detailed information about soil types.


About the project

Our aim is to interconnect scientific communities related to EO and biotic disturbances and enhance the knowledge transfer to local stakeholders. The project outcomes and outputs will provide the communication and knowledge transfer of the innovative existing expertise in the environmental application of the RS approach, solving multi-source detection of biotic disturbances, and offer the solution to the wider public, stakeholders of related land, and appropriate authorities. We want to actively participate in connecting knowledge, finding the possibilities of various data synergy, and providing the options and solutions to the users. This will allow a mutually beneficial relationship to share knowledge and apply the latest scientific approaches in practice.


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