NETWORKING: IAVS annual symposium in Bremen

Large participation of the members of the Spatial Science in Ecology and Environment Research Group at IAVS annual symposium in Bremen, Germany.

 This year, the 62nd Annual Symposium of the International Association for Vegetation Science (IAVS) in Bremen, Germany, saw a large participation of Spatial Science in Ecology and Environment Research Group members (in the picture from left to right: Marco Malavasi, Duccio Rocchini and Luisa Conti). The IAVS is a worldwide union of scientists, practitioners, and others interested in studying different aspects of vegetation. This year’s meeting included a Special Session about Remote sensing of vegetation for biodiversity research (chair: Sebastian Schmidtlein and Duccio Rocchini). In this session, the Research Group presented three different talks, dealing with the latest application of remote sensing in vegetation science:

  • Linking spectral and functional diversity to predict ecosystem functions at community scale (held by Luisa Conti)
  • UAV-based monitoring of eco-morphological processes in Mediterranean coastal dunes (held by Marco Malavasi)
  • The spectral species concept at wide geographical scales: estimating ecosystem alpha- and beta-diversity by remote sensing (held by Duccio Rocchini)

During this meeting, promising potential collaborations emerged. In particular, the possibility to further investigate the relationship between spectral diversity and plant functional diversity together with members of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

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