NETWORKING: Seminar by Vincent Lecours, University of Florida, Sept 18th, 10:30

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to a seminar Towards more informed methodological decisions when using geomorphometry in species distribution modeling“ by Dr. Vincent Lecours. The seminar will be held on 18. 9. at 10:30 in the D218 room (MCEV II – FŽP II building) at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, CZU Prague. Please find below Vincent's biosketch and a few words about his speech.

We are looking forward to meet you,

Petra Šímová, Vítek Moudrý & Research group Spatial Science in Ecology and Environment

Presenter: Vincent Lecours, University of Florida

Dr. Vincent Lecours is a professor of marine remote sensing & geospatial analysis at the University of Florida. Dr. Lecours conducts cross-disciplinary research using geospatial technologies and spatial sciences. His research program bridges the spatial sciences with the marine sciences by studying ways to improve marine habitat mapping methods through a better integration of spatial concepts such as spatial scale and spatial data quality in the habitat mapping workflow. It is aimed at developing best practices in the application of geomatics-based marine habitat mapping to ecological and management questions. His talk will focus on the use of geomorphometry, or terrain analysis, in marine habitat mapping and species distribution modelling, and will address issues of spatial data selection, spatial data quality, and spatial scale.

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