Institute of Botany, Czech Academy of Sciences, Průhonice

Institute of Botany, The Czech Academy of Sciences is our long term collaborator. We are collaborating at the moment with Dr. Alexander Belyayev and Dr. Václav Mahelka on the project Repeatome evolution in plant allopolyploids: An outcome from the diploid-polyploid complex of the Chenopodium album aggregate. (2020 - 2022, 20-20286S, Czech Science Foundation. PI: K. Krak).  We have also worked together on Horizontal gene transfer in Hordeum (barley) spp. Within last few years several papers were published as product of this collaborations.



Mahelka V., Krak K., Fehrer J., Caklová P., Nagy Nejedlá M., Čegan R., Kopecký D. and Šafář J. 2021. A Panicum-derived chromosomal segment captured by Hordeum a few million years ago preserves a set of stress related genes. PLANT JOURNAL 105:  1141–1164.

Belyayev A., Josefiová J., Jandová M., Kalendar R., Mahelka V., Mandák B., Krak K. (2020): The major satellite DNA families of the diploid Chenopodium album aggregate species: arguments for and against the “library hypothesis”. PLoS ONE 15(10): e0241206.

Belyayev A., Josefiová J., Jandová M., Mahelka V., Krak K., Mandák B. (2020): Transposons and satellite DNA: on the origin of the major satellite DNA family in the Chenopodium genome. Mobile DNA 11: 20.

Belyayev A., Josefiová J., Jandová M., Kalendar R., Krak K., Mandák B. (2019): Natural History of a Satellite DNA Family: From the ancestral genome component to species-specific sequences, concerted and non-concerted evolution. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20: 1201.

Mahelka V., Krak K., Kopecký D., Fehrer J., Šafář J., Bartoš J., Hobza R., et al. 2017. Multiple horizontal transfers of nuclear ribosomal genes between phylogenetically distinct grass lineages. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES 114: 1726-1731.

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