National Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine

Prof. S. L. Mosyakin, Director of M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) has been our collaborator since our work on taxonomy and nomenclature of Chenopodium album aggregate and we have published many papers together. At the moment he is supporting our ongoing Chenopodium projects with samples from Ukraine and will help us with herbarium samples from the Kiev herbarium in future.



Mosyakin S. L. & Mandák B. (2021): (2797) Proposal to reject the name Chenopodium pallidum (Chenopodiaceae / Amaranthaceae sensu APG). Taxon 70: 206–207.

Mosyakin S. L., Mandák B. (2020): Nomenclatural and taxonomic comments on some taxa of Chenopodiaceae of the Himalayas and Tibet/Xizang. Ukrainian Botanical Journal 77: 413–427.

Mosyakin S.L., Mandák B. (2020): Chenopodium ucrainicum (Chenopodiaceae / Amaranthaceae sensu APG), a new diploid species: a morphological description and pictorial guide. Ukrainian Botanical Journal 77: 237–248.

Mosyakin S. L. & Mandák B. (2018): (2658) Proposal to reject the name Atriplex bengalensis (Chenopodium bengalense) (Chenopodiaceae / Amaranthaceae sensu APG). Taxon67(6), 1218-1219.

Mosyakin S. L. & Mandák B. (2018): (2659) Proposal to conserve the name Chenopodium giganteum (Chenopodiaceae / Amaranthaceae sensu APG) with a conserved type. Taxon, in press.

Mandák B., Lomonosova M. N. & Mosyakin S. L. (2018): Chenopodium luteorubrum (Chenopodiaceae/ Amaranthaceae sensu APG): a remarkable new species from the Russian Far East.

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