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Team News

Prof. Bohumil Mandák gave an lecture at University of Göttingen

Lecture on evolution in Chenopodium album agg.

Prof. Peter Schönswetter gave a lecture at our faculty

On the origin of steppe flora and fauna in inner-Alpine dry valleys

Our participation on article in PNAS

Massive horizontal gene transfer between distinct grass lineages

Invited lecture at EMB

Prof. Mandák gave lecture in Marseilles


Our publication in the Journal of Applied Ecology

Will forest management restoration stop succession and bring back rare species?

Overlooked European tree species?

New outputs on Alnus taxa research

Recent similarity in distribution ranges does not mean a similar postglacial history

New model of postglacial migration in boreal trees published

First European formalized vegetation classification using floodplain forests as a model vegetation type

We developed the first European formalized classification of vegetation of floodplain forests and alder carr

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