How did the postglacial colonisation history influence local ß-diversity

Differences in local ß-diversity (i.e., within-site ß-diversity) along climatic and biogeographical gradients may result from regional differences in the importance of local community assembly processes (e.g. dispersal limitation and habitat filtering) or from regional differences in species pool sizes (i.e. species potentially able to colonize a focal site). Here, we assess the importance of processes influencing regional differences in local plant ß-diversity. We found that regional factors influenced local ß-diversity primarily due to changes in local community assembly processes. Specifically, the post-glacial colonization history influenced local ß-diversity likely by sorting species according to their functional traits with a non-random nested community structure in refugial areas and a structure close to the null expectations in recently colonized areas.


Douda J., Havrdová A., Doudová J. & Mandák B. (2018): Legacy of postglacial colonisation affects ß-diversity: Insights into local community assembly processes. Journal of Biogeography 45: 1604–1615.