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Project number: SS06020124
Project title: UV photocatalysis processes for degradation of micropollutants in drinking waters
Grant provider: TACR
Project coordinator: CZU
Project partners: GEOtest, a.s., UP, ASIO TECH, spol. s r.o.
Principal CZU researcher: prof. RNDr. Vladislav Chrastný, Ph.D.
Project manager: Ing. Hana Jenšíková
Project schedule: 5/2023 – 12/2025
Total CZU budget: 14 366 813 Kč

Micropollutants are organic substances contained in a number of preparations used in industry and households. Some of them are relatively persistent and difficult to biodegrade so they pass relatively easily through wastewater treatment plants, get into surface water and ultimately contaminate drinking water sources. The goal of this project is to develop an innovative technological device, which will be able to effectively eliminate micropollutants from drinking water. The core of the device will be a photoreactive column filled with a carbon sorbent modified with a photocatalyst in the form of transition metal oxides, which, in conjunction with UV exposure, can efficiently and safely degrade captured micropollutants and their metabolites through the process of photocatalytic oxidation.

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