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Project number: QK23020013
Project title: Finding DZES 5 measures to protect agricultural land from wind erosion and land drying
Provider: NAZV (Ministry of Agriculture)
Programme: ZEMĚ
Project coordinator: Research Institute for Soil and Water Conservation
Project leader: doc. Ing. Jan Vopravil, Ph.D.
Project partners: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague – Faculty of Environmental Sciences; Mendel University in Brno; Global Change Research Institute CAS
Project leader of FES: Ing. Jana Kalibová, Ph.D.
Contact person: Ing. Kateřina Mikešová
Project duration: 1.1.2023 – 31.12.2025
Total project budget: 11 995 370 Kč
Project budget of FES: 1 504 270 Kč

The aim of the project is to prepare documents for the state administration, which in the context of soil protection and sustainable management would enable it to comprehensively grasp the issue of wind erosion in the Czech Republic, including its impacts on land drying and rational area of crops. The solution will use state-of-the-art approaches to modeling long-term soil loss compatible with EU requirements, and will include predictions of developments due to global change. The relevance, timeliness and quality of soil and climatic data entering the model are ensured by the composition of the research team. The results of the model will be verified and calibrated by field and laboratory determination of the real soil loss. The conditions of good agricultural practice (DZES 5) as well.

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