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About the project

Registration number: 23-06749S
Project title: Heat waves as three-dimensional phenomena
Donor: Czech Science Foundation
Name of the program: Standard
Project coordinator: Institute of Atmospheric Physics CAS
Project partners: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Faculty of Environmental Sciences project leader: doc. RNDr. Jan Kyselý, Ph.D.
Project schedule: 03/2023–12/2025
Total project costs:: 6 579 000 CZK
FŽP costs: 3 010 000 CZK

Heat waves are considered as one of the largest hazards related to climate change. Initial studies using one-dimensional station data were gradually supplemented by papers employing more advanced two-dimensional products, i.e. station data interpolated into a regular grid. They allowed capturing spatial patterns of heat waves but lacked the ability to identify vertical air mass characteristics. Besides radiative heating of the surface during clear-sky conditions, heat wave characteristics are also determined by a horizontal advection and an adiabatic heating during air subsidence – the processes that require data from free atmosphere to be analysed. In order to advance in knowledge of heat waves’ mechanisms, we propose this project which aims to study atmospheric circulation and land–atmosphere coupling as a joint driver governing heat waves in three-dimensional space. The state-of-the-art ERA5 reanalysis and CORDEX regional climate models will be employed to achieve project aims defined below.

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