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Registration number: SS06010386
Project title: Adaptation of urban areas to flash floods and droughts
Donor: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TACR)
Name of the program: Environment For life
Project coordinator: T.G.Masaryk Water Research Institute
Project partners: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Technical University in Prague, Global Change Research Institute CAS, AQUA PROCON s.r.o.
Faculty of Environmental Sciences project leader: prof. Ing. Martin Hanel, Ph.D.
Project schedule: 05/2023–03/2026
Total project costs:: 10 290 120 CZK
FŽP costs: 1 800 000 CZK

The aim of the project is to produce a series of design rainfall with respect to the projected climate change. The series provide a basis for the design and assessment of adaptation measures to reduce the impacts of rainfall extremes in urbanized areas (UA). Rainfall from previous and current projects and current sub-daily climate model simulations will be processed. A methodology will be developed to estimate runoff from rainfall events exceeding the capacity of blue-green infrastructure systems and to protect UA from flooding. The water balance at the pilot sites will be quantified using the derived design series and the possibility of using the volume of water from rainfall during dry periods will be assessed. UA will be categorised based on the risk of water inflow from non-UA.

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