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Project number: SS06010373
Project title: Reducing the effect of light polution on invertebrates?
Provider: TAČR
Programme: Programme of applied research, experimental development and Environment - Environment for Life
?Project coordinator: CZU
Researcher: Ing. Martin Novák Ph.D.
Contact person: Michaela Kopřivová Stejskalová
Project schedule: 2023-2026
Budget: 6 051 240 CZK

Main goal of the project is to develop a methodology that a) can be used by local governments for the selection of suitable streetlights to minimize the negative impact on nocturnal insects both generally and with a special focus on species that communicate using light, b) will also enable a re-evaluation of the impact of different types of these lights on invertebrates. Secondary goals: - to develop standardized traps for insect sampling in cooperation with the application guarantor and CTU for monitoring and assessing direct (attraction) and indirect (sex. comm. interference) effects of streetlights - to create a standardized methodology to evaluate the influence of artificial lighting on insects, based on the data obtained using collection methods for assessing the direct effects of streetlights.

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