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Project number: SS06010373
Project title: Effect of light pollution on sensitive animal species, ecosystems and landscape characteristics
Provider: TAČR
Programme: BETA 2
Project coordinator: CZU
Project partner: UK
Researcher: Mgr. Tomáš Kadlec Ph.D.
Contact person: Michaela Kopřivová Stejskalová
Project schedule: 2021-2024
Budget: 5 499 600 CZK
Budget for CZU: 4 443 600 CZK

The aim of the research will be to verify and evaluate the potential effect of impact of light pollution on wildlife, the ecosystems of which they are a part and the landscape. Considering parameters will be especially the intensity of illumination, temperature, chromaticity of light and the direction of luminous flux, as well as the time distribution of action, etc. Propose methodological frameworks for evaluating the impact of intentions, which are sources of global pollution of the above-mentioned protected interests, in relation to § 67 Act. 114/1992 Sb. (evaluation procedure, measures to exclude or mitigation of the negative effects of available determinations of alternative measures) and Act 100/2001 Sb. Based on research, create maps showing the threat to protected interests from light pollution.

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