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About the project

Project number: BYCZ01-001 

Project title: Ecological effects of Wolves recolonising Šumava/Bavarian Forest Ecosystem (WoBoFE) 

Donor (program): Interreg Bavorsko – Česko 2021 - 2027 

Lead Partner of the project: ČZU

Project partners: Šumava National Park Administration, Bavarian Forest National Park Administration 

Associated partner: The Bavarian State Institute of Forestry 

Project coordinator: Ing. Aleš Vorel, Ph.D. 

Project adminstration: Ing. Jana Vorlová Kortanová 

Schedule: 05/2023 - 04/2026 

Total CZU budget: 508.000 EUR 



The aim of this project is to investigate the impact of wolf's return on ungulate populations and forest regeneration in protected areas of the Šumava and Bavarian Forest National Parks. The result of the project will be a jointly developed management strategy for ungulates in both national parks. This strategy will take into account the return of the wolf to the area. 


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