Focus of services
FZP students are offered free study/psychological counselling. Standardly, 5 sessions are offered, but if the client's problem persists or additional professional help is needed (e.g. psychotherapeutic or psychiatric), the counsellor can refer the student to an external psychosocial support network or increase the number of sessions. An overview of the situations in which Counselling can help students is listed on the Counselling website.

Confidentiality and discretion
We consider all information we receive from you as confidential. However, in order to ensure expertise, and since the solution of your (study) situation often requires the cooperation of other faculty sections,  we reserve the right  to discuss your situation with colleagues - experts within the FZP Counselling / Study Department if necessary.  This can be done only after obtaining the student’s prior consent. The Counsellor can also discuss your situation with colleagues at an intervision or supervision meeting. This procedure adheres to the ethical rules of professional cooperation and only the information that is necessary for effective cooperation of the entire counselling support is shared. Exceptions to confidentiality are information obtained on circumstances that fulfil the statutory reporting obligation for selected criminal offences of general threat or threat to the client.


When dealing with the client, their rights are respected and their human dignity is preserved.

Free of charge
The services provided are free for FZP students.

Method of providing the service
Counselling can be provided in the form of individual face-to-face, online, or telephone consultations.

Documentation is kept on the course of the client's contacts with the Counselling centre, which contains basic data about the client, a brief description of the situation and its solution, and possibly short minutes from individual consultations. The documentation is protected from access by unauthorized persons.

Counsellor and client’s rights
The Counsellor has the right to reject the client if the nature of their contract exceeds the Counsellor’s professional competence or the problem does not fall within the range of situations that the Counsellor can deal with. In such a case the Counsellor will recommend an external psychosocial support network. The client has the right to terminate cooperation at any time. The Counsellor may refuse or terminate the provision of the service to a client who violates the rules of cooperation, e.g. does not attend the agreed meetings, does not show  any activity to solve the problem, behaves aggressively, etc.


Etický kodex pracovníků vysokoškolských poraden (AVSP - Eticky kodex (

Základní informace o službě – Centrum psychologické pomoci (


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