Changes in global precipitation over land

Example of the method application for a grid cell with local compensation mechanism (30.25°N 0.25°W). (a) Time series of daily precipitation. (b) Annual distribution of nonzero daily precipitation for the last 8 years. (c) Standardized time series of quantiles and their corresponding slopes (in steps of 0.1 for better graphical representation). (d) Quantile slopes (crosshair indicates statistical significance, p<0.05). (e) Annual total precipitation and its corresponding slope. (f) Number of wet days and its corresponding slope.The change in the properties of future rainfall is one of the major implications regarding the effect of global warming in water cycle. Heavier events are expected to occur more often, compensated by decline of light precipitation. In this study, published in Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, Markonis et al. analyzed a new global, high-resolution precipitation data set, to investigate these changes over land during the period 1979–2016. The results show a general increase in the total amount of rainfall over, number of wet days, and heavy events over land in global scale. This evidence can aid in the development of water management policies or civil protection measures from natural hazards such as floods. 

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