Biochar: Cultivating Innovation at the Intersection of Science, Research, and Technology

Lecture by Prof. Meththika Suharshini Vithanage will be held in room D424 on April 29 from 10 am

The role of green infrastructures in flood management for environmental sustainability

Lecture by civil engineer and sustainability expert Prof. Alhan, University of Instanbul, on Wednesday, 3rd April 2024 at 10.30 am in Z2

Lecture by Jan Vymazal at the Duke University, USA

Seminar by an expert in constructed wetlands to celebration of World Wetlands Day on Jan. 31


Winter School of Snow Hydrology and Avalanche Safety 2024

Final Spots Available at a Special Reduced Price for the Winter School on Snow Hydrology and Avalanche Prevention! 

The conference Kostelecke Inspirovani is accepting submissions

15th year of the popular event will take place on Nov. 27-28, 2023

Mitochondrial DNA research helps protect sea turtles

The project supported by IGA FŽP is led by PhD student Adéla Hemelíková in Sumatra

University of Wisconsin-Madison OPEN CALL for summer semester 2023/2024

Deadline for the applications is September 3, 2023

Lecture: James Ramsay, expert in natural resource management

Lecture title: Aid and development, life as an environmental consultant
May 10, 2023, 10:30 in room ZII

Birds in Latin American cities respond to humans differently than in Europe

New article by Morelli's team in the Science of The Total Environment

Petr Keil's international team offers two Ph.D. positions

Ph.D. students will join the BEAST project supported by a the European Research Council prestigious grant

Prof. Jan Vymazal among the most cited Czech scientists

The prestigious Highly Cited Researchers 2022 ranking evaluated almost 7,000 scientists from around the world

Our editor promotes a special issue for women scientists in a scientific journal

Inaugural special issue of Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution targets women

Doctoral Summer school 2022

We would like to draw your attention to an interesting summer school for doctoral students or young researchers, which will be held on September 16 and 17, at the NTK premises in Prague.

Dean's Award for Publications 2021

Dean prof. Bejček awarded the authors of the best 2021 publications.

Excellent success: Petr Keil holder of a prestigious ERC grant

The ERC Consolidator Grant will support the project "Biodiversity dynamics across a continuum of space, time and their scales"


6th European Congress of Conservation Biology

Topic: Biodiversity crisis in a changing world 
Early Birds registration ends on May 31, 2022!

GBCC - 6th International Conservation Conference

Global conservation in a changing world. Register by Oct.15

Sacred oak woods increase avian diversity and specialization, our team is reporting

Community Ecology and Conservation team's article in the Journal of Environmental Management

Research on breeding shorebirds in hot subtropic desert in Dubai, UAE

Field work of the Behavioral Ecology research group

GACR: Results of the project Effects of urbanization on avian diversity

F. Morelli's team recapitulates the project from 16 European cities

Birds diversity and rarity on a restored site

New paper by Moudrý et al. in the Landscape and Urban Planning

Cd isotope fractionation after complexation with humic acids

Great accomplishment in Environmental Science & Technology!

Read our publication here.

Employ of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi for pharmaceuticals in constructed wetlands

New article by Jan Vymazal's team in the Journal of Hazardous Materials

Leaching from contaminated soils – non-hazardous or hazardous?

The role of Fe- and Mn-based soil amendments in pollution mitigation

Read our publication here.

Manuscript collection to Special Issue: Environmental Nanotechnology

Contribute to Nanomaterials, an international peer-reviewed open access journal!


2014–2018 drought exceptional in 253 years

Article published in the Environmental Research Letters

Manuscript collection to Special Issue: Retention of Metal(loid)s in Soils

Contribute to Minerals, an international peer-reviewed open access journal!


FES a member of the Bird@Farmland initiative by the European Commission

Our team participates on Conservation Science for Flagship Birds

PUBLICATION on monitoring of the eco-geomorphology of coastal dunes

Nový článek o geomorfologii pobřežních dun

Connecting Landscapes for Conservation in a Changing World

Review by E. González published in the Conservation Biology

Distribution of dietary specialization is congruent with bird species richness

Article by F. Morelli's team in the Conservation Letters

News from the insect ecology world

The Insect Ecology Team present its research and nature conservation activities on website and FB

The rise of compound warm-season droughts

Our study published in Science Advances

50 years of Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

FES also deals with the world's only ecosystem that has its own international convention

Review of Networking of Iron in Constructed Wetlands in a prestigious selection

Aarhus University-FES' Department of Applied Ecology cooperation

Petr Keil and Aleš Urban received prestigious support for excellent research

Through the REES, the FES supports scientists for up to three years

The analysis of the 2018-2019 drought attracted extraordinary media attention

Extreme droughts increase with emissions (published in Scientific Reports)

Cooperation with WWF in monitoring Central African wildlife has begun

We target elephant populations in the Congo basin - press release

16. Conference of Environmental Archaeology

Conference takes place Jan. 27- 29 at FES

Changes in global precipitation over land

New study published in JGR: Atmospheres

Czech-Colombian cooperation in environmental topics has begun

Diplomatic mission continues negotiations with major Colombian universities

Invitation to an online lecture by Seth Siegel

Meet the author on Dec. 11, 2019 at 3pm at room D220 (MCEV II)


Urbanization Effects on Biodiversity

New web presentation of the GACR project

Catalogue of European droughts

New paper in Geophysical Research Letters

Research visit to the Fuller Laboratory at Queensland University

Collaboration with Richard Fuller, one of the most influential conservation ecologists

"The Natura 2000 network does not safeguard the wintering waterbirds"

New publication by Z. Musilová et al. in Biological Conservation

The effect of abrupt events in epidemics

Yannis Markonis contributes to a paper in Nature Communications.

Research project on acceptance of coal mining in Australia

The team member Kamila Svobodova and Petr Ocelik (Masaryk University) are conducting the GACR research project in Australia

Michal Hejcman at the 10th Science Café

CZELO seminar took place on May 23 in Brussels

FES experts will attend the CZELO seminars in Brussels

The topics of water management and sustainable urbanization will be discussed on May 23

Results of hydroclimatic research in a prestigious journal

Research led by our team published in Nature Communications

Czech-Israeli cooperation in the media

A multidisciplinary team of prof. Hejcman collaborates on excavations of biblical cities in Israel

SEMINAR: Prof. Fagan on Movement Ecology: Memory, Learning, and Autocorrelation

December 14th: Meet the world‘s leading researcher working on spatial ecology and eco-informatics

The Czech-German cooperation in the wolf monitoring has started

FES with its partners launched a three-year OWAD project

Conference Ekologie 2017

PHOTOGALLERY from 6th conference Ekologie

Fieldwork on the Sokolov post-mining sites

Alena Walmsley team examines selected areas of forest reclamation

Audubon magazine reports the Smart Nest Box

FES’s project raised interest in a prestigious society

A new grant from the US National Science Foundation

 NSF grant for a team with FES


FFWS-FES collaboration successfully published

Nature Climate Change published the results of an international analysis

FES on Iceland

News from Human Adaptability Studies team

Drone emergency landing drill - PHOTOGALLERY

The GIS&RS Lab trained a parachute landing

FES's exploration of the extinct settlement broadcasted

Phytoindication helps find medieval villages

FES's project boosted by Agence France Press

Ladislav Šmejda's DeepDead project under international attention

Critically endangered cockatoo survives on Bohol, FES confirmed

FES documented four individuals of the Red-vented Cockatoo in heavily accessible karst terrain around the town of Bilar, last seen in 2012

Results contributed by FES in Nature

Prof. Miroslav Šálek and doctoral student Martin Sládeček contributed to a unique research study


ELLS Scientific Student Conference

11-12. November 2016, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany

Workshop June 6–7, 2016: project ISOFIN

Workshop including presentations of the results of our Norway grants project (CZ09 Czech-Norwegian Research Programme) ISOFIN

FACILITIES: Cutting edge unmanned aerial systems serve the faculty’s rese­arch teams

The FES has recently acquired two types of unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

Snow and lichen sampling in the Ostrava region

Ostrava region in Upper Silesia at the Czech-Polish border belongs to the most contaminated sites in Europe

Soil moisture and runoff droughts in a changing climate

A grant application to the Czech Science Foundation „Soil moisture and runoff droughts in a changing climate“ prepared by our team in cooperation with CzechGlobe successfully passed evaluation and got financial support for 2016–2018.

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