Tasting The Land - Summer School Program

July 20 – August 7, 2018


Czech Republic – Austria – Croatia – Slovenia – Italy – Germany

Landscape Architecture + Tourism + Architecture + Planning + Agriculture



All Instruction in English   

9 ECTS credits

Cost: 2,200 Euro includes accommodation for all nights during the course and all ground transportation throughout the trip




This three-week field studies course will visit a number of diverse lands: the hills of Central Europe, the Danube River, Alpine lakes, Adriatic coast, the Po River valley, Italian Alps and Bavaria where we will explore various food traditions and study the key ingredients of the relationship between landscape and culture; to ‘taste the land’. 


This course is a tangible (and tasty) in-depth exploration of the relationship between land, culture and food (and beverage).  The course is designed to explore vestiges of traditions, the landscapes they have shaped and factors of change in the landscape.


Who the course is for?

We are interested in bringing together a group of under graduate and graduate students with diverse backgrounds and a shared interest in the landscape canvas of culture.  Students are welcome from any discipline including architecture, landscape architecture, cultural geography, landscape ecology, tourism and art.


Course Content

Generally, the course will be conducted ‘on the road’ while traveling through a wide variety of European landscapes, visiting various study locations where the relationship between culture, landscape and food will be explored.  The form of study will be assigned tasks and a final report that will be assembled during the progress of the course.


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