Manuscript collection to Special Issue: Retention of Metal(loid)s in Soils

Special Issue of Minerals journal called "Retention of Metal(loid)s in Soils Contaminated by Mining and Smelting", edited by Dr. Martina Vítková, Dr. Barbora Hudcová, and Prof. Edgar Hiller, invites researchers of various background to support this multi-disciplinary manuscript collection. The Special Issue aims to provide a complex image on metal(loid) retention when assessing contaminants' fate and behaviour in soils, with particular focus on (post-)mining and smelting areas and potentials for their remediation.

Keywords: soil amendment; immobilisation; contaminant speciation; sorption; metals; arsenic; iron oxides; biochar; zeolites; clay minerals

Contributions to chemical stabilisation/immobilisation as well as natural attenuation processes are welcome. We invite manuscripts focused on, but not limited to, the use of soil amendments (inorganic- or organic-based materials, engineered composites, nano-sized amendments etc.), mineralogical studies on solid speciation of metal(loid) contaminants, the role of plants and microbes in metal(loid) stabilisation. These may include laboratory experiments, field studies, basic research as well as applied science.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 10 October 2021

For more information, please visit the website of this Special Issue.

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