Lecture invitation - prof. Hossein Azadi

Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to a special lecture given by Prof. Hossein Azadi (Ghent and Liege Universities in Belgium) on Rethinking Land Governance: From Land Conflict to Land Dialogue. The lecture will take place on Thursday 26th of January at 10 am in room D222, as well as online.

Link here:


About the lecture and the author:

“Land” is the most basic resource. Yet, the competition for this resource, and hence conflict on land is increasing due to a number of factors including the globalization of the land market, commercialization, urbanization, climate change, migration, and other socio-economic and political issues. This seminar will discuss the role of land dialogue in resolving socio-economic and political issues that may arise during land conflicts in order to govern the land more efficiently.

Hossein Azadi is a professor at Ghent University and University of Liege in Belgium. Given his two PhDs in human geography and agri-rural development, he has been working on socio-economic and policy aspects of many agro-environmental projects using mixed-methodology (quantitative and qualitative), remote sensing/GIS, and decision support systems in many Asian, African, and European countries.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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