Study a new master's Double Degree program with the University of Naples Federico II

FZP and the University of Naples Federico II (UNINA) starts a new Master's Double Degree program called Land and Environmental Engineering from autumn 2023. The full-time, English-taught program will last 2,5 years or 5 semesters.

Applications for the program are available until June 5, 2023. You can apply HERE!

The master's  double degree program Land and Environmental Engineering is focused on a comprehensive understanding of the protection and restoration of environmental quality.

The aim of the study program is to educate interdisciplinary experts capable of acting in the field of design, management and control of interventions and/or activities aimed at protecting and restoring the quality of the environment (soil, water, air and biotic components), managing land transformations and using renewable energy sources. Students will acquire wide range of knowledge and skills to be capable of identifying the state of the environment and causes of environmental changes and degradation, propose restoration interventions and monitor the environmental systems and processes to evaluate the effect of the restoration measures.  They will also gain knowledge how to obtain energy and resources from waste with respect to the circular economy and manage and control equipment and energy production systems from alternative sources. They will acquire knowledge and skills how to manage and control water treatment plants, polluting wastewater, gaseous emissions and solid waste, systems for preventing explosive phenomena and for storing dangerous substances. 

The absolvents will be capable to plan and manage interventions in the transformation of cities and territories aimed at optimizing the use of territorial, economic and environmental resources leading to sustainable development and green cities and urban areas.

The study program thus provides a comprehensive and modern master's degree education in the study areas of Earth Sciences and Biology, Ecology and the Environment, with a focus on protecting and restoring the quality of the environment. It is fully in line with the institutional accreditation of CZU in Prague for the fields of Earth Science and Biology, Ecology and Environment education. In addition, it follows the ideas of circular economy and sustainable development.

Graduates of the program will find employment both in state administration (nature protection authorities in the Czech Republic, Italy, but also in the EU), as well as in national and international companies that deal with e.g. construction and territorial development, water management services or waste management. The interdisciplinary nature of the program is an advantage for coordinator positions in the field of environmental protection or consulting services. Graduates can also work as technical workers in laboratories, design offices or consulting companies. 

Suitable for graduates of following bachelor programmes and similar fields of study: Natural Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Protection, Water Management

Submission of applications, required documents and payment of the application fee  1 May - 5 June 2023 
Evaluation of previous study results and announcement of the results of the first round of the admission procedure  by 12 June 2023 
The second round of the admission procedure (interviews with selected applicants)  19 – 23 June 2023
Final results of the admission procedure  by 28 June 2023


Important: Applicants' competencies will only be evaluated within the admissions process itself, and preliminary statements of the applicants' suitability for studying at double degree cannot be issued. Please do not contact us regarding this matter.

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