"Plužina" in the viewfinder of the NAKI II project

The intercollegiate project of the FES ČZU Prague and the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (JČU) called "Identification and preservation of historic field paterns" has just begun. Archaeologist Jaromír Beneš (JČU) and his four-member team began the first field work in May in the unprecedentedly preserved landscape of plužinas near the town of Albrechtice. In the first phase, experts excavated a probe exposing the body of the plow itself, formed by horizontally piled slate from the surrounding fields, and took soil samples for laboratory analysis. They assume that the foundations of these structures in northern Moravia can be dated to the 13th century. On behalf of the FES, a group of prof. Petr Sklenička and doc. Kristina Janečková from the Department of Land Use and Improvement. During the four-year project, the researchers will also focus on other plužinas rarely preserved in various parts of the Czech Republic.

More information about the project can be found here:

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