FES is part of diplomatic mission to Latin America

The FES, through the Vice-Dean for the Development of Kateřina Černý Pixová, participates in the official visit of the Environment Minister Richard Brabec to Peru and Colombia. The weekly diplomatic and business mission is a unique opportunity for the Environment to develop further cooperation in Latin America.

Vice-dean Pixová said: "We want to develop already prepared projects on the mission and establish further cooperation in the region. Right now, Peru and Colombia are facing environmental challenges in the form of El Nino, our innovative approaches to adapt to climate change or improve water quality will certainly attract local partners and potential students. We see Latin America as a major future partner, so our participation is of paramount importance to us. ”

The entire press release of the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic, which participates in trips to Peru and Colombia, is available in Czech on their website HERE.

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