Invitation to a lecture by Anders Pape Moller

FES CZU Prague would like to invite you to a special lecture by

Prof. Anders Pape Moller: The Ecology of Cancer

which will be held on Wednesday, 14th December, at 14:00, in meeting room D222 (MCEV II, Faculty of Environmental Sciences). We look forward to seeing you, 

Petra Šímová& Federico Morelli


Prof. Anders Pape Moller is a senior scientist at CNRS with diverse scientific interests in the fields of ecology, evolution and behaviour. He is mainly interested in combining different fields in attempts to understand multi-species interactions and their relationship to global change. 

Cancer has evolved as a consequence of multi-cellularity and uncontrolled cell division. Numerous cancer suppression mechanisms have evolved, and they are generally based on multiple trade-offs as are other life history traits. I used the presence of tumors in 128 out of more than 10,000 thoroughly investigated birds to test predictions relating tumor incidence to seasonal fluctuations in tissue regeneration, risk of predation, disease and immunity, life history, physiology and feeding innovations. These findings highlight the importance of an understanding of ecology and evolution for understanding cancer and other diseases that are common in humans, domestic animals and free-living animals alike.



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