Invitation to lecture by Dinesh Mohan

We invite you to a lecture by one of the world's leading experts on Biochar

Dinesh Mohan. The theme is "Engineered Biochar - Biomass Burning, Soil Management, Food Security, Water Purification and Climate Change Mitigation"


The lecture will be held on 20.6. from 15:00  in the auditorium Z1


Dinesh Mohan (Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 110067, INDIA) will have this lecture as a part of his visit aimed at establishing a Czech-Indian cooperation on new project proposals.

Professor Mohan is one of the leading figures in the field of biochar (H-index = 60) and his lecture could be an interesting inspiration for new research activities related to “biochar” in the CULS. This lecture will be first activity of newly created Biochar platform.