Invitation to lecture: James Ramsay, expert in natural resource management

James Ramsay, expert in environmental impact assessment (EIA) and natural resource management, member of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, will visit us at FŽP again this year with his lectures. Ramsay has worked as a specialist on many projects in Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Asia. His expertise includes in particular the assessment of the construction of hydroelectric power plants, irrigation or road infrastructure, and related social and environmental topics including the protection of biodiversity. Don't miss this unique meeting with expert.

We cordially invite you to the lecture:

Nature-based solutions for climate resilience: one way to increase resilience to climate change, 18.4. at 12:15, FZP, room D226
Anotation: An environmental consultant introduces the principles of using nature-based solutions (NbS) to improve climate resilience, with a focus on hydrological issues in SE Asia. The presentation is based on recent training workshops in Thailand and Cambodia dealing with both rural and urban areas. As well as the technical content, the talk covers the process (and pitfalls) of preparing and delivering workshops in a multi-national aid context.

Other educational lectures were also open to the public:

Aid and development: life as an environmental consultant, with examples from Africa. The lecture takes place on April 15 from 10:30 a.m. in room D218 (FZP).
Anotation: A widely-travelled environmental consultant explains the international aid process and the role of environmental professionals in the system. The talk covers both the opportunities for this extremely interesting work and the skills needed (some of which are definitely not taught in universities!). It is illustrated by several examples from Africa showing how environmental and social safeguards fit into the project cycle, with a focus on assessing and managing biodiversity issues.

Bioengineering in the real world: trials and tribulations in Vietnam, 17.4. at 12:15, FZP, room VN306
Anotation: An environmental consultant tells the story of attempting to introduce bioengineering into the engineering mainstream in Vietnam. Over four years, bioengineering trials were set up on riverbanks and roadslopes, technicians and local residents trained, and knowledge products developed. As well as successes, the talk covers the many challenges of project implementation, some of which are best not written down...

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