Ministerial Awards at FES

Minister of Agriculture Award for outstanding diploma thesis with a major impact on agriculture, forestry, water management and protection of land and natural resources, focusing on the practice was awarded to graduates from the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Ing. Jiří Šír. On June 14th the prize was awarded to Ing. Adéla Stanislavová at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences for her thesis on "Access to land for agroecological way of farming – selected case studies in Europe".


On June 22nd the First Deputy Minister of the Environment Ing. Vladimír Dolejský, Ph.D. awarded students for their outstanding diploma thesis with benefits for environment on behalf of Richard Brabec, the Minister of Environment. The prize was awarded to Ing. Seth William Donrovich at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences for his thesis on "Study the effects of invasive mussel from E. Asia on the native mussel species in the Czech Republic".




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