Prof. Jan Vymazal is one of the three most cited scientists in the Czech Republic

Prof. Jan Vymazal, Vice-Rector for Science and Research and Head of the Department of Applied Ecology at the FES, ranked third among Czech scientists in the prestigious Stanford University's list of 2% of the world's most cited scientists in 2019. In the ranking, which covers all disciplines included in the SCOPUS database, and in the competition of 160,000 scientists from around the world, he ranked 1179th. Other scientific personalities from the CZU included in the prestigious list are Andrew Liebhold (FFWS), Wadim Strielkowski (FEM), Michael Komárek (FES), James Sales (FTA), Federico Morelli (FES), Pavel Tlustoš (FAFNR), Miroslav Svoboda (FFWS) and Stanislav Vacek (FFWS).
The published list of Stanford University contains the names of a total of 359 scientists who work at research institutions in the Czech Republic.

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