Project ECOLUTION: Development of a new study programme in Smart Systems and Sustainability

In a time of constant technological change and increasing need for sustainable solutions, a consortium of European universities and other key partners has developed an innovative curriculum called Smart Sustainability Solutions. This project, funded by the  ERASMUS programme, aims to open a new master's study programme and create a micro-certificate system focused on smart technologies and sustainability to fill gaps in the labour market.

A key member of the ECOLUTION consortium is the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, which is responsible not only for curriculum development but also for ensuring the accreditation of the newly emerging programme, which is scheduled to start teaching in the academic year 2025/2026.

Within the ECOLUTION project, students will be able to use interactive teaching methods and work on real projects in laboratories equipped with the latest technologies. Courses will be taught in English and will provide students with professional skills in smart technologies and sustainable development.

For more information on the programme and how to apply, keep an eye on the website for further details on the upcoming study programme.

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