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Update on admission and enrolment 2020/21

The current COVID19 pandemic has certainly turned the world upside down in past few months requiring significant changes in how we behave and how we do business. As many of you know, academia has not been immune to these challenges, forcing us to now teach our classes online this semester. Fortunately, the Czech Republic and CZU in particular took immediate steps very early on to limit the spread of the Corona Virus within the country and amongst our community here on campus. The results of this action are encouraging!

Because we must respond to the requirements of the Czech Ministry of Health, and because the rules for what is allowed for how people can meet and work, we as a University and FES have instituted some unique and extraordinary measures for now and for the coming months until such as time that things stabilize. We wish to emphasize that things are fluid, meaning that the rules for what we can do and how we allowed to behave are changing rapidly. Thus, we have been working on options for what this means for the coming semester, and in particular, how applicants and accepted new students will be accommodated.

The detailed conditions for enrollment and study during the first semester are currently being approved in the form of Dean’s regulation by the faculty and will be published as soon as possible. In general options like late admission and online teaching during winter semester are on the table.

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