Workshop: Stochastic modelling of anything

Dear colleagues,
We invite you to a workshop "Stochastic modelling of anything!" which will be led by Simon M. Papalexiou (University of California Irvine, USA) on Monday 16th April, 16:00-20:00 h,  Z225. 

Attendees of this four-hour workshop will be introduced to a unified method of stochastic modelling that makes feasible the generation of time series that preserve any desired marginal distribution and autocorrelation structure including also features like intermittency. The workshop includes a rapid introduction in hydroclimatic processes like precipitation, flooding, wind, temperature, etc., from the viewpoint of stochastics, highlighting features like stationarity, cyclostationarity, marginal distributions, autocorrelations structures and intermittency. 

Additional details can be found in attached info. For enrolment, please send an email to


Best regards,
Martin Hanel

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