Monitoring of moths in protected areas of Prague

October sampling of moths ended this season in 13 local protected areas of Prague. From the preliminary results (60% of the collected samples have been identified), some important moth species can be confirmed. One species listed as endangered on the Red List of Invertebrates has been identified (Watsonarctia casta in locality Cikánka II; also listed as a highly endangered species), four species categorised as vulnerable (Dichagyris candelisequa, Dichagyris forcipula, Eilema pygmeola, Spatalia argentina), and one species from Annex II of the European Natura 2000 network (Euplagia quadripunctaria). Among the other identified species, most were common to steppe habitats, e.g., Acontia lucida, Calamia tridens, Episema glaucina, and Selidosema brunnearia. As a preliminary results, we have demonstrated the occurrence of significant taxocenoses of moths at least in some habitats. 

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