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Collaboration with French researchers in agroecology

Farmland birds conservation in a changing world. Community Ecology & Conservation started a new international collaboration.

Federico Morelli is one of the speakers at IBS 11th Biennial Conference in Prague

The 11th Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society was held at at the Prague Congress Center in Prague, Czechia, from January 7-11th, 2024

Federico Morelli a guest in TISS2 symposium

Tersys Implanteus Summer School took place on June 14 to 16 in Avignon

Prof. Morelli shared results with European experts in Hungary

Frontlines of Urban Conservation and Restoration event was held on March 22, 2023

New GACR project in agroecology and conservation

The Community Ecology & Conservation team won a new GACR project in collaboration with the Charles University.

Birds in Latin American cities respond to humans differently than in Europe

New article by Morelli's team in the Science of The Total Environment

Our editor promotes a special issue for women scientists in a scientific journal

Inaugural special issue of Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution targets women

Federico Morelli appointed member of the IENE Expert Committee

Infrastructure & Ecology Network Europe links experts from all continents

Sacred oak woods increase avian diversity and specialization, our team is reporting

Community Ecology and Conservation team's article in the Journal of Environmental Management

GACR: Results of the project Effects of urbanization on avian diversity

F. Morelli's team recapitulates the project from 16 European cities

FES a member of the Bird@Farmland initiative by the European Commission

Our team participates on Conservation Science for Flagship Birds

Distribution of dietary specialization is congruent with bird species richness

Article by F. Morelli's team in the Conservation Letters

Urban biodiversity website / GACR project number 18-167385

The website of the GACR project focusing the effects of urbanization on biodiversity.

Can Human Structures Help Birds? - Popular Science based on our research

We know that human-made structures can have negative impacts on bird populations. Can they be designed to benefits birds instead?

Research visit to the Fuller Laboratory at Queensland University

Collaboration with Richard Fuller, one of the most influential conservation ecologists

Topic editors in FEE

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution Research Topic: Partitioning the effects of urbanization on biodiversity

Collaboration with the Hainan University, China

Laboratory for Ecology of Tropical Islands

GAČR grant 2018 – 2020

Effects of urbanization on multilevel avian diversity

Significant membership

The Citizen Science Cost Action CA15212

Invited lecture I - Poznan, Poland

Cities changing nature and nature changing cities

Invited lecture II - Halle, Germany

Transportation structures effects on alien/invasive species distribution

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