Runoff data for several European catchments are available from 16th century

Runoff is a crucial parameter for water security. Now a days, it is challenging to interpret recent hydroclimate fluctuations (multi-year droughts in particular) considering only observed runoff records. In this study, we have used reconstructed precipitation and temperature data, Palmer Drought Severity Index and available observed runoff across 14 European catchments in order to develop annual runoff reconstructions for the period 1500–2000 using two data-driven and one conceptual lumped hydrological model. On the figure, significant historical events are a good match for the droughts found in the reconstructed series (such as 1540, 1616, 1669, 1686, 1710, 1724 and 1921).

The correlation coefficient (top) and NSE (bottom) for calibration (left) and validation (right) of the considered models for 21 study catchments. The vertical axis represents the catchments (station name and river) and the horizontal axis the considered models. The rectangular black frames represent the catchments with NSE?>?0.5 over the validation period.

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