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Richard M. Vogel & Francesco Marra



2.5.2023 10:00 AM

New PhD position

Dynamic drought

Review of GPM IMERG performance: A global perspective

New study published in Remote Sensing of Environment

2014–2018 drought exceptional in 253 years

Article published in the Environmental Research Letters

Postodoc positions

Two postdoc positions available in our team

The rise of compound warm-season droughts

Our study published in Science Advances

Aleš Urban joins our team

As a Research Excellence in Environmental Sciences (REES) grant holder

Changes in global precipitation over land

New study published in JGR: Atmospheres

Catalogue of European droughts

New paper in Geophysical Research Letters

International collaboration to investigate European droughts

New international project from Czech Science Foundation

The effect of abrupt events in epidemics

Yannis Markonis contributes to a paper in Nature Communications.

Recent large-scale European droughts do not reach the severity of past extreme droughts

Paper on historical droughts published in Scientific Reports.

Rekonstrukce sucha 1766-2015

Webová aplikace pro rekonstrukci meteorologického, zemědělského a hydrologického sucha v období 1766-2015.

Drought reconstruction 1766-2015

Web app for reconstruction of meteorological, agricultural and hydrological droughts over 1766-2015 presented in Hanel et al. (2018) Scientific Reports.

Webapp for hydroclimate reconstruction

Interactive viewer for the results presented in Markonis et al. (2018) Nature Communications.

Global warming will intensify soil moisture droughts in Europe

Olda Rakovec contributes to research published in Nature Climate Change

Results of hydroclimatic research in a prestigious journal

Research led by our team published in Nature Communications

New project with ESA

Yannis Markonis, Martin Hanel and Petr Máca will contribute to the EarthCARE mission

Global investigation of streamflow

Our paper “Global estimation of long-term persistence in annual river runoff” has been published in Advances in Water Resources

An R package for climate model downscaling

An R package published on CRAN and Environmental Modelling and Software

Can climate models simulate rainfall event characteristics?

Our recent study in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences evaluates the skill of climate models

Team's applied outputs broadcasted by Český rozhlas Plus

Martin Hanel, Petr Máca and Jiří Pavlásek presented on the ČRo Plus

Cooperation agreement with the Global Runoff Data Centre

Collaboration with the Global Runoff Data Centre (GRDC) has been successfully established


Rainfall erosivity in the Czech Republic

Recently our paper „The rainfall erosivity factor in the Czech Republic and its uncertainty“ has been published in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences

Soil moisture and runoff droughts in a changing climate

A grant application to the Czech Science Foundation „Soil moisture and runoff droughts in a changing climate“ prepared by our team in cooperation with CzechGlobe successfully passed evaluation and got financial support for 2016–2018.

Trends in subdaily precipitation extremes and erosivity

Statistical analysis of 30-minute precipitation data over the Czech Republic revealed trends in a number of precipitation characteristics

Statistical downscaling methods evaluated for catchments accross Europe

We participated in a joint evaluation of statistical downscaling methods for 11 European catchments that was coordinated

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