A new article from research on differences in forest soil moisture regimes

Team of Marta Kuželková publishes the first article from the results of detailed monitoring by TMS stations on Amálie project site. Article has been accepted into the European Journal of Forest Research and is currently published for reading only online HERE.
The article discusses significant differences in the moisture regimes of forest soil under different species of trees. Specifically, it is a comparison of young stands of beech, spruce and larch in the forest part of Amálie, which is characterized by a tense hydrological balance (annual potential evapotranspiration is close to the values of total precipitation).

Citation: Kuželková, M., Jačka, L., Kovář, M., Hradilek, V., & Máca, P. (2023). Tree trait-mediated differences in soil moisture regimes: A comparative study of Beech, Spruce, and Larch in a drought-prone area of Central Europe.

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