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Cooperation with WWF in monitoring Central African wildlife has begun

We target elephant populations in the Congo basin - press release

16. Conference of Environmental Archaeology

Conference takes place Jan. 27- 29 at FES

Czech-Colombian cooperation in environmental topics has begun

Diplomatic mission continues negotiations with major Colombian universities

Invitation to an online lecture by Seth Siegel

Meet the author on Dec. 11, 2019 at 3pm at room D220 (MCEV II)


FES develops cooperation with Let It Roll festival

We help reduce the environmental impact of mass event

FES is part of diplomatic mission to Latin America

We accompany the Environment Minister to Peru and Colombia

The World Bank conference with the participation of the FES

"Land and Poverty: Catalyzing Innovation" took place March 25-29 in Washington

"The Natura 2000 network does not safeguard the wintering waterbirds"

New publication by Z. Musilová et al. in Biological Conservation

Research project on acceptance of coal mining in Australia

The team member Kamila Svobodova and Petr Ocelik (Masaryk University) are conducting the GACR research project in Australia

FES experts will attend the CZELO seminars in Brussels

The topics of water management and sustainable urbanization will be discussed on May 23

Results of hydroclimatic research in a prestigious journal

Research led by our team published in Nature Communications

Czech-Israeli cooperation in the media

A multidisciplinary team of prof. Hejcman collaborates on excavations of biblical cities in Israel

The Czech-German cooperation in the wolf monitoring has started

FES with its partners launched a three-year OWAD project

Fieldwork on the Sokolov post-mining sites

Alena Walmsley team examines selected areas of forest reclamation

Workshop June 6–7, 2016: project ISOFIN

Workshop including presentations of the results of our Norway grants project (CZ09 Czech-Norwegian Research Programme) ISOFIN

FACILITIES: Cutting edge unmanned aerial systems serve the faculty’s rese­arch teams

The FES has recently acquired two types of unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

Snow and lichen sampling in the Ostrava region

Ostrava region in Upper Silesia at the Czech-Polish border belongs to the most contaminated sites in Europe

Soil moisture and runoff droughts in a changing climate

A grant application to the Czech Science Foundation „Soil moisture and runoff droughts in a changing climate“ prepared by our team in cooperation with CzechGlobe successfully passed evaluation and got financial support for 2016–2018.

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