FES develops cooperation with Let It Roll festival

FES' team of Lenka Wimmerová continues this year with the organizers of the Let It Roll music festival at Milovice airport as part of the Rollin'Green campaign. This year, visitors will find the FES kiosk focused on the circular economy in practice right on the main square of the festival town near the stage. Directly at the kiosk, visitors will get insider information on the waste sorting and processing, water saving, carbon footprint calculations and the evaluation of the festival's environmental impact from previous year. We will also offer workshops to make dry shampoo or barefoot sandals, which will "lighten your carbon footprint", and provide counselling on the use of eco-friendly plastic utensils and much much more.

Responsible approach to the environment from music festivals is also a topic for the media. One of the current outputs is an article by Pavel Turek from Respekt magazine (in the appendix in CZECH ONLY).