Application of iron-based amendments to contaminated soils

After previous laboratory testing, the nano and micro-zerovalent iron-based materials were applied under field conditions. The chosen field sites are contaminated with metals and metalloids as a consequence of the historical smelting activities. The purpose of the stabilizing amendments used is thus the immobilization of these contaminants in soil and limitation of their further spread in the environment, groundwaters, and the food chain. The experimental localities will be monitored for the next two years. The changes in contaminants' mobility and bioavailability will be recorded, transformations of applied materials will be investigated, and also the complex influence of tested materials on biotic and abiotic soil components will be determined.



Refer to the applied project of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and Norway grants No. TO01000170 called “Nanoremediation of contaminated soils: Technology implementation with respect to ecotoxicological aspects”.

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