Long-term behaviour of Fe nanoparticles in contaminated soil

A comprehensive study of our PhD student Aikaterini Mitzia was published in Environmental Science: Nano (IF = 7.3), a prestigious journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry. The research presents important results regarding the long-term use of amendments for soil remediation from toxic metals and metalloids. Detailed microscopic explorations and high-end synchrotron techniques were employed along with standardised laboratory methods for a comprehensive evaluation. Long-term studies are usually lacking in the field of soil remediation so this study can fill gaps in the current knowledge about the behaviour of amendments, including the oxidation of Fe products which drastically changes over time.

Mitzia A., Vítková M., Ratié G., Chotěborský R., Vantelon D., Neaman A., Komárek M., 2023. Revealing the long-term behaviour of nZVI and biochar in metal(loid)-contaminated soil: focus on Fe transformations. Environmental Science: Nano 10, 2861-2879. DOI: 10.1039/D3EN00429E

Read the paper here

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